AutoStat® Institute
The Centre for Advanced Analytics and Data Science

The AutoStat Institute was founded by likeminded researchers dedicated to the continual development and evolution of data science by collaborating with leaders in the field, and to facilitate knowledge transfer of theoretical statistics and computational methods to the broader academic community.

Led by Distinguished Professor Kerrie Mengersen, the AutoStat Institute provides an environment for researchers and students to pursue projects that redefine the state-of-the art and evolution of mathematical algorithms and output that is interpretable and defensible.

We work with researchers and students from all fields and specialisations ranging from social sciences, biostatistics, economics, socio-economic pursuits, justice & criminology and ecological sciences.


Our Mission is to enhance the collective understanding of data science and statistical practices beyond the theory, by collaborating with researchers in varying fields to apply the latest in quantitative methods to real-world academic study and social pursuits.

We strive to:

  • Apply the latest in statistical and computational research toward publicly and academically beneficial pursuits
  • Collaborate with leaders and thinkers across varying academic fields to contribute statistical and data science expertise as it relates to their area of research.
  • Bridge the gap between theoretical capabilities of quantitative methods and its practical applications across all sectors and research fields
  • Develop analytical tools and study materiel that promotes quantitative problem solving for the next generation of student.

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