Integrate the essential, data driven, facets of your organisation with AutoStat®

Apply the power of AutoStat® to retrieve and disseminate mission-critical data throughout your organization, providing managers with real-time operating insights.

Currently deployed by leading organisations in both public and private sectors, AutoStat® enables its users to unlock a range of quantitative challenges ranging from prediction, forecasting, hypothesis testing and optimisation problems. AutoStat® can be deployed with minimal overhead investment and development risk.

• Pipelines

Develop and deploy models periodically using AutoStat® Pipeline and Batch Processing capability.

• A complete range of ML and Statistics frameworks

Generate key insights periodically by deploying the latest statistical and ML frameworks

• Customisable dashboards

Update results automatically using the AutoStat fully customisable Dashboards.

• Project Sharing

To promote collaboration within your organisation.

• Web based platform

Ensuring projects and models are available anywhere and anytime on any device.

• Discussion Pad, Notetaking and Activity Management

For easy communication with all personnel and levels across your organisation in real time.