Supercharge your data science journey

From the Students-T test to Bayesian optmisation, AutoStat® empowers you to learn the whole data science continuum, without writing any code!

If you are studying statistics, econometrics, machine learning or business analytics, AutoStat® has all the tools needed to bring you from data novice to data science guru. AutoStat provides instant access to the most advanced statistics and ML frameworks used by leading academics and researchers.

Upload and connect

Upload your datasets, and connect to a range of APIs and other data sources from the OECD, UN, Census data and beyond.

Visualise your data

Visualise your data and identify trends, outliers and distributions.

Train ML/Statistical Models

Test hypotheses, and examine the relationship between key variables.

Examine model outputs

Examine model outputs and retrain your model for optimal performance.

Free tutorials

Access free tutorials and learning resources to guide you along the data science journey.

Share your findings

Share your findings and communicate with the whole team.