Control Charts

Control Charts

AutoStat’s Control Charts module allows for process control analysis common to engineering and business systems management. Identify process changepoints and identify inconsistencies as they occur over time.


01 - Training phase

Simply upload your data and let it run through a training phase to understand its characteristics.Before you can improve your system, you need to understand how it currently behaves.

02 - Monitoring Phase

Using the knowledge of the past, monitor your data into the future using easy to understand graphics and online prompts to let you know when something unexpected has happened in your process. This allows you to catch problems in your process before they escalate.

03 - Apply filtering

Apply filtering on monitored output to isolate special causes of anomalies or patterns associated with process issues.

04 - Use a dashboard and a pipeline

Use a dashboard and a pipeline to tailor the monitoring output to suit your business needs, allowing you to get updates when you need them.

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