Data Manager

Data Manager / Data Tool

Connect to a range of data sources, in any format including spreadsheet to relational databases such as, Microsoft SQLServer, Azure SQL Database, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Salesforce, SAS and NoSQL sources including MongoDB. Undertake relational-style database querying for easy data manipulation and pre-processing.


01 - Data Integration

AutoStat® facilitates fast and secure data connection. Connect directly to your data warehouse and augment your analysis with public databases including the World Bank, OECD, UN, Finance, Census, Federal/State/Local Government APIs across a range of countries. Connect with Salesforce, Refinitiv and other applications with your existing authentication.

02 - Data Cleaning and Preparation

Clean, remove and edit anomalous values with ease. Create test and training datasets, and engineer entirely new variables using AutoStat® Statistical calculator.

03 - Statistical Tests

Perform informative statistical tests on your data such as, normality, skewness and kurtosis. Generate hypothesis tests within seconds that isolate and quantify causal relationships between the variables in your data.

04 - Filtering & Aggregation

Filter, join, aggregate and reshape your data as required to facilitate the next stage of your analysis. Perform queries using the AutoStat ETL tools and save as new datasets on your server or the AutoStat® cloud.

AutoStat® Features


Experience AutoStat®

From data processing and visualisation, to machine learning and beyond, get up to speed with the most advanced data science techniques with real-world projects using AutoStat®.

Ensemble Machine Learning

Applying ML techniques to predict Heart Disease

Regression Models in Practice

A deep-dive into frequentist and Bayesian regression models

Mixed Effects Modelling

Modelling chick weights over time with fixed and random effects

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