Business Analyst


Extract sunique insights that will give your takeholders a competitive edge.

AutoStat®’s web-based platform allows business analysts to connect to the right data and undertake rapid prototyping of predictive and other modelling.

Undertaking hypothesis testing and scenario analysis within seconds of data upload and connection will allow you to focus your business analysis and extract the insights that will return a competitive edge for your stakeholders.

• A complete range of ML and Statistics frameworks

Allowing business analysts to test different modelling frameworks including multivariate and Bayesian frameworks.

• Project Sharing

To promote collaboration within the business unit.

• Web based platform

Ensuring projects and models are available anywhere and anytime on any device.

• Discussion Pad, Notetaking and Activity Management

For easy communication with all personnel and levels across your organisation.

• Access to statistical and modelling support

Comprehensive help as well as 24/7 statistical support and guidance – just share your project with us and we will advise on the most appropriate model framework and specification.

Experience AutoStat®

From data processing and visualisation, to machine learning and beyond, get up to speed with the most advanced data science techniques with real-world projects using AutoStat®.

Ensemble Machine Learning

Applying ML techniques to predict Heart Disease

Regression Models in Practice

A deep-dive into frequentist and Bayesian regression models

Mixed Effects Modelling

Modelling chick weights over time with fixed and random effects

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