Empower the data science leaders of tomorrow.

AutoStat®’s web-based platform allows teachers to create interactive learning environments and empower their students to go from first principles in statistics to machine learning mastery.

AutoStat’s inception was motivated by a need to bring down the barriers to accessing and learning the most advanced developments in data science. With built-in tutorials, content sharing and customisable access controls, AutoStat® allows university lecturers, tutors and curriculum advisers to develop a truly unique learning experience, give students the best possible guidance along their data science journey.

• Project Sharing

Project Sharing to promote student-to-student and student-teacher collaboration.

• Web based platform

Ensuring software download approvals are no longer required.

• A complete range of ML and Statistics frameworks

Sllowing students to advance their studies beyond the status

• Discussion Pad, Notetaking and Activity Management

For easy communication and student contribution to class discussion.

• Access to the AutoStat Institute®

Access to the AutoStat Institute® and built-in tutorials with examples to fully guide students.

Experience AutoStat®

From data processing and visualisation, to machine learning and beyond, get up to speed with the most advanced data science techniques with real-world projects using AutoStat®.

Ensemble Machine Learning

Applying ML techniques to predict Heart Disease

Regression Models in Practice

A deep-dive into frequentist and Bayesian regression models

Mixed Effects Modelling

Modelling chick weights over time with fixed and random effects

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